REVIEW: Tomorrowland – Where the Best & Brightest People Come Together to Change It

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As soon as the futuristic variant Walt Disney logo is shown on screen, there is no turning back. Regardless if you want to or not, you are being taken to Tomorrowland.

Directed by Brad Bird, Tomorrowland leaves nothing but inspiration and optimism with its visitors when the screen goes black as soon as the last credit rolls off the screen. Not only does the film have a Pixar director, it also has a Pixar composer, featuring not only Michael Giacchino’s beautiful score, but Michael himself making a cameo appearance.

Being inspired by science and some of the most famous thinkers, Tomorrowland is a film that has inspired me and actually changed my life. Currently working on earning a degree in computer science, I feel like the field of computer science is going to become much more advanced in the coming years than it is today.

This film produced a feeling of optimism, excitement, and respect for the future, a feeling that cannot be explained in words. Actually, Brad Bird truly created this film that cannot be explained in words. Writing this review is probably the hardest thing I have had to write on this blog so far. I simply don’t have any other words that I can use to explain how amazing this movie is.

The cast is amazing, but there is one member who I feel captures the film. Raffey Cassidy (Athena) captures the understanding, confidence, and potential that the future has. Meanwhile, George Clooney (Frank Walker) brings a great feeling of hysteria and fear about what the world is about to come. Britt Robertson (Casey Newton) fights that with her solid feeling of optimism throughtout the film.

Reviewing this movie has been hard and I hope by reading this, you will sense just how amazing this movie is and hopefully you will take your trip to TOMORROWLAND!

An ‘Inside Out’ Look at Michael Giacchino’s Score Sessions

Over the past week and month, Pixar and Michael Giacchino have been busy recording the score for Inside Out, but have found time to share highlights on Instagram.

Taking @petedocter on a "joy" ride during a break in recording for Inside Out!

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Inside Out!!!! (W Mr. Pete)

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No sleep lately.

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March to the beat of your own @m_giacchino tune.

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We’re getting in tune with our emotions at a @PixarInsideOut sound mix session.

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Honestly, with music being one of my favorite elements of Pixar films, I can’t wait to hear what Michael has written for Inside Out!

Exclusive: Day & Night score found on Disney site

After months and months of trying to find the Day and Naight score, my looking turned gold this afternoon. I was browsing Walt Disney Studios Awards site and I came across the Day & Night score. It is 5 minutes long and there’s no download. After seeing Mike from the Pixar Blog get the Toy Story 3 Crew Soundtrack, I instantly wanted a copy of the CD (although I haven’t got one yet). As always, enjoy the music. I will have more blog posts later this evening!