Submit Your Pixar Memories

Have a favorite Pixar memory that you would like to share?

Pixar Geek is debuting a new special series called My Pixar Memories. This series will feature a collection of readers’ favorite Pixar memories.

What is a Pixar Memory?

Pixar Memory can be anything that you have experienced that contains some relation to Pixar Animation Studios. Whether that is memories you had watching a film created by Pixar,or the time you cried your eyeballs out watching Toy Story 3, or that friend of yours that looked like a “real life Pixar character”, or that time when you were told by someone that you looked like a character in a Pixar film, etc., there are countless Pixar memories to be shared. For some, their Pixar memory could be the time in which they met John Lasseter, or any other Pixarian, or their visit to Pixar Animation Studios. For even a more specific group, their Pixar memory could be their time working at Pixar, working alongside directors, creating characters, and the list goes on and on.

Ready to Share?

Just a few warnings:

There is no limit of memories you want to share.

They can be as long as you want.

They must have actually happen. (I don’t want fibbers here….)

And as Sheriff would say: “There will be no bumpin’, no cheatin’, no spittin’, no bittin’, no road rage, no maimin’, no oil slickin’, no pushin’, no shovin’, no backstabbin’, no road-hoggin’ and no lollygaggin’.”

What are you waiting for?

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