Pixar Post’s Reflection on Steve Jobs

Editor’s note: The note below is from T.J. of Pixar Post

I thought it best to copy and paste a note that I wrote to myself upon Steve’s death on the actual day last year – I still feel all of these things today. It is still a very sad day.

Just found out that Steve Jobs has passed away about an hour or so ago. I’m not sure exactly why, but I’ve actually teared up about this. It’s a shame that people that are awful people can seem to live on for much too long while others that have the impact to change not only their own lives, but the lives of others and the trajectory of the future with their passion and work seem to fade away with less time on their clock.

I’ve personally been affected by his work – he helped create the very computer I’m typing on right now, he helped support and keep alive the company that I love (Pixar) when no one else believed in it – those movies changed the trajectory of animation. I’ve been able to learn things from him in his speeches and written words. I’ve had the opportunity to expand my creativity a million-fold because of his computer company. I’ve seen what amazing marketing is and what hype can do for a company. I’ve financially grown from his work as well – I originally purchased the stock in 2003 and sold some of the shared in 2006 to help finance the purchase of my house. I ended up repurchasing the stock in 2007 and held it sense – so, I again, will benefit from his work in the future.

It seems unfair that he is gone and his brilliance will stop from here on out. I know his message will live on, but will it live with the same fervor? It’s times like these that I really think about others that have passed that have had more of a personal impact on my life. I dislike that people have to die – it is the one thing we all share in common, like blinking or twitching our leg when the doctor tests our reflexes.

I find it hard to concentrate on things during these times.

Rest in peace Steve – I thank you for the portions of my life you’ve helped me grow in.

Steve Jobs: Love him or Hate him

Steven Jobs, whether you love him or hate him, was an impressive figure. How many companies in the world have such a recognizable CEO? I remember sitting in my grandmother’s house when I was around 5 years old and playing on our first Apple computer. Looking back, it couldn’t do much except type and showcase very basic games, but I remember looking at the computer like it was a magic box. Years later, it’s amazing to think that Jobs revolutionized the power in that desktop computer into a phone that can fit in your pocket. They say cell phones today have more technology in them than the original spaceshuttle that went to the moon. I know that Jobs was the visionary behind most of Apple’s advances, and he was a tough cookie to please (which made me even more surprised to find out he was a practicing Buddhist . I’m not sure how Apple will fare without him, without his vision and his leadership, but I think it’s safe to safe it will never be quite the same.

-Melinda McCallin

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