UPDATE: NO Trailer For “The Good Dinosaur” Attached To Monsters University

Earlier this year at CinemaCon, Pixar apparently screened a very brief clip from next year’s The Good Dinosaur. It is unknown whether it was a trailer or a scene. As almost always, trailers for upcoming Pixar films are screened with the most recent Pixar film to be in theaters. My guess is that the clip shown at CinemaCon was the teaser trailer.

The website for Movie Theater employees that shows what is included with Monsters University when it’s screened in the theater won’t be live until Thursday June 20th. Hopefully, the site can confirm this.

The Good Dinosaur is set for release on May 30, 2014.

UPDATE: According to Pixar, no trailer for The Good Dinosaur is attached to MU. I sent an email to the Publicity team at Pixar, but I haven’t received a response on the reason for no trailer.