Leaked Brave Character Images

A couple of days ago, Never before seen photos of Brave characters were leaked. After Pixar forced to have The Pixar Blog pull them off, I decided to wait until it was safe to release them. Now since The Pixar Times has released them, I feel safe. Keep in mind that the following images are unofficial images NOT released by Pixar. This photo is from The Pixar Times.

Four New Cars 2 Characters (photos and descriptions)

Four new characters from Cars 2 were released last week.

Okuni is a micro car Kabuki dancer who dons the traditional white-painted face and an exquisite colorful kimono for her performances at the Kabuki theater in Tokyo, Japan.


Kingpin Nobunaga
As a professional Sumo wrestler at an arena in Tokyo, Japan, Kingpin Nobunaga is a gold-painted micro van who fights his fiercest matches when he’s wearing his lucky purple mawashi.


Pinion Tanaka
Pinion Tanaka is a gold-painted micro van and a professional Sumo wrestler from Tokyo, Japan, who’s always a menacing sight in the ring in his signature teal mawashi.


Zen Master
A master in the art of sculpting the serene zen rock garden at the Tokyo museum, Zen Master wears his old woven reed hat and uses his antique wood rake to create mesmerizing patterns in the garden’s sand.

Speculation of No Doc Hudson in Cars 2

Recently there has been questioning whether or not Doc Hudson will be in Cars 2. Well, a hint on the Cars site has given light on the fate of Doc Hudson. On the Cars 2 character gallery Doc Hudson is not featured. This might be the hint to Doc Hudson not being seen in Cars 2. It’s going to a hard movie to watch if Doc is not in it.

As with Fillmore, he is featured on the page. The description says Fillmore returns, as George Carlin (who voiced Fillmore) died on June 22, 2008 due to heart failure.

The description is below:

Radiator Springs’ resident hippie Fillmore is an easy-going, peace-loving 1960s Volkswagen van. And as his friend and neighbor Sarge likes to say, “once a hippie, always a hippie.” At his popular shop Fillmore’s Organic Fuel, Fillmore brews his own fuel, which he sells with Bohemian accessories like tie-dyed mud flaps. But when he learns that the World Grand Prix will be run exclusively on the alternative fuel Allinol, Fillmore closes up shop and signs on as the fuel expert for Team Lightning McQueen.

As for Red, in which Joe Ranft passed in 2005, the fate is unknown whether or not he will be in Cars 2.

Cars 2 "Turntable" videos

Disney/Pixar has posted two new videos on their YouTube account. Both are Cars 2 “turntable” videos one Lighting McQueen and the other Mater. You may ask the purpose of these videos? The purpose: to show you the new designed cars.

Another turntable video showed up of Finn McMissile on Wednesday. It is not on Pixar’s account.

Cars 2 is racing into theaters Summer 2011.