Second Issue of Cars Magazine Out, Details

I recently, towards the end of November received the December/January 2012 issue, the second issue, of The Fantastic World of Cars. I was, at first, surprised to see the second issue come out so early, but on the other hand it looks like they won’t be making another one for a few months. Quite a strange pattern, though: although this one might possibly be taken as the Holiday issue. Anyways, let’s get to those details. short it’s pretty much the same thing. This time around, Francesco Bernoulli is the star of the Close-Up, Drawing, and Poster sections. And basically, there’s new comics, games, etc. And after seeing two consecutive issues with the same sections, I assume it will be the same for future issues. But with the next one possibly coming 3 months from now, who knows?

One interesting thing I liked the most about this issue: the Craft section: a cut-out flip book of an animated Dinoco logo!

Be sure, if you haven’t already, to subscribe to it if you’re interested!

Cars 2 Diecast Exhibit; Diecast Collectors Guide

About a week ago, Pixar and Mattel opened a Cars diecast exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Gallery.Here’s an excerpt from press release:

Disney-Pixar fans who visit “Disney-Pixar Cars Imagined by Mattel, at the Petersen Automotive Gallery will find displays of interest for all ages, for casual fans of the “Cars” movies to serious die-cast collectors. Exhibit highlights include:

Diorama movie-scene recreations featuring “Cars” vehicles. Hundreds of die-cast vehicles that characters from “Cars” and “Cars” 2 are on display: Lightning McQueen, Mater, and even the big-wheeled Haulers and their corresponding racers.The displays highlight how the characters’ automobile models and designs help convey their personalities and contribute to the storylines.

Rare and never-before-seen “Cars” vehicles. The exhibit offers a look at “Apple Car” from the Speedway of the South set and special collections never released to the general public, including Trev Diesel. The display includes behind-the-scenes stories, such as the story of John Lassetire, a red pickup truck named after and voiced by John Lasseter.

Evolution of “Cars” die-cast packaging. Trace the development of the Mattel product packaging, starting with the original “Cars” design introducing Radiator Springs through on-pack visual elements and displays. Then learn how the films revolutionized the die-cast packaging category.

“Cars” Super Chase die-cast collection. This first look at Mattel’s exclusive 2012 line of die-cast cars includes a one-time only, limited-run vehicles of special “Cars 2” characters. The displays includes the launch of the first Super Chase CAR – Flash– that was inspired by the real-life race care driver exclusively featured in the Swedish version of “Cars 2.”

Lightning McQueen Alive Showcase. This part of the exhibit showcases the innovative technology used to bring the personality of Lightning McQueen to an electronic vehicle in a 1:55 scale. Design highlights include micro-technology developed to create Lightning’s mouth, eye and should moments.

“From Silver Screen to Die-Cast: Disney-Pixar Cars Imagined by Mattel” will be on display at the museum until April 2012.
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First Issue of Cars Magazine Arrives

The first issue of the Cars franchise-based magazine, The Fantastic World of Cars finally was delivered to me recently. The magazine includes these sections, in-order, some have to parts (for instance there are two comics in this first issue). In parenthesis are the topics that were in this specific issue:

Close-up – A profile of one of the characters in the World of Cars. (Finn McMissile)
Games – Puzzles and games, etc. (opposite matching, word scrambles, among others)
Comic – Funny, short stories about the World of Cars.
Cars World – Facts about certain aspects in the world of racing. (Pit stops)
Poster – A pull-out poster of a character. Possibly will be the same as the one featured in the Close-up section. (Finn McMissile)
Board Game – The name says it all- a board game with game pieces and die available to be cut out on the last page.
Craft – An art activity. (Make Your Own Badge)
Drawing A section where you can draw a character. (Lightning McQueen)
Answers – The answers to the games, as well as questions sometimes found in comics, etc, seen earlier in the magazine.
Playing Cards – A card game with the playing cards provided to cut-out.

Overall, I think it is a pretty decent magazine relating to the franchise. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to at:

Pixar Featured in D23 Magazine

Pixar will featured in the newest edition of D23 Magazine.
Below is the cover of the issue:

Straight from Disney D23, here’s an excerpt of what’s in the issue:

Throughout the magazine, readers will get in-depth insight into the best of Disney, including a special feature that celebrates the 25th anniversary of Pixar, which was established in 1986. Pixar artists discuss the 25 most important lessons they’ve learned during Pixar’s first quarter century, and detail scenes that were cut from such classic films as Wall·E, A Bug’s Life, and Toy Story 3.