New ‘Monsters University’ Poster Appears Online

'Monsters University' Poster #2

‘Monsters University’ Poster #2

A few days ago, the newest ‘Monsters University’ appeared all over the internet. This poster is probably the best “character/crowd” poster Pixar has made. It even has made me want to buy a copy of it. As seen above, Mike and Sulley appear in the foreground, while Archie, Squishy, Terry and Terri, RANDALL, Don, Squishy’s mom and others make up the background.

Monsters University scares theaters June 21.

3 New Cars 2 Retro Posters

Today our friends at Cinema Blend exclusively debuted three new Cars 2 “retro/vintage” posters , which have been created to promote the film. According to The Pixar Times, these posters had just been put up in the Pixar atrium before their arrival at the studio last week for a Cars 2 press junket. To view them in hi-res, drive your cars on over to Cinema Blend.

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Here’s a gallery of them also..