“You are a Toy”

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Viewers only know of the final cut version of Toy Story, the version that features main characters like Woody and Buzz. If you thought that this was the only version known at Pixar then you thought wrong. Before all the “Hey howdy hey!” and “To infinity and beyond!” the initial plans for Toy Story were to have not a continuation of Tin Toy, but have the main character of this 1988 short, Tinny, feature in his own full length film. During production, this film’s code name was “Toy Story”. Other ideas for the title included “You are a Toy”. None of the ideas like this that were proposed for the title stood up to the name “Toy Story”, so they decided to stick with the original title “Toy Story”.

Howdy Doody was an early inspiration for the character which later became Woody

“You are a Toy” followed Tinny in quest to find his way back home after getting lost at a rest stop while on a family trip. At the rest stop Tinny is found by a junk man, who without a second thought throws Tinny into the back of his truck where Tinny meets his new friend. Tinny’s new friend is a Howdy Doody-like sarcastic ventriloquist dummy who is in a search for a home. Both Tinny and the dummy were abandoned by their owners. Instead of finding their way back to their own homes, the duo decide to stay at a preschool, where they are never outgrown, forgotten, or abandoned.

Early sketches show Woody as a western ventriloquist dummy

Of course these are not the characters viewers know. The ventriloquist dummy originally already had a western characteristics, which soon led to the character Woody of Woody’s Roundup. Tinny’s character was changed drastically through numerous revisions. Lasseter believed Tinny was “too antiquated” so he was changed to a military action figure, and given a space theme. Tinny’s name was changed to Lunar Larry, then Tempus from Morph. Finally, Buzz Lightyear was born through several revisions. Tinny became Buzz Lightyear. Buzz was named after astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Below shows Buzz through his revisions that he went through in order before turning into what we saw on screen. (click on image to view full size)

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Guest Blogger: Celebrating Pixar Couples article chain- Mike & Celia from Monsters Inc.

Relationships in the workplace can sometimes be difficult, but Mike and Celia seamlessly make it work out. Most say that the man in the relationship should be taller, or at least the same height, this is most certainly not the case with Mike and his “Schmootsie-poo”. Mike and Celia are a unique couple, which makes them even more extraordinary.

In their relationship they experienced ups and downs, hiding a human child really did get in the way of Mike and Celia’s relationship. This caused a trust issue between Celia and her “Googly-Bear” because she didn’t believe his bizarre claims. Celia was hurt in thinking that Mike didn’t care about her, that he didn’t want to spend any time with her, and that he would even lie to her (or so she thought). She reacted with anger towards Mike. Honestly I don’t blame her, she didn’t know Mike’s circumstances and stress he was under and took it personally, as any girlfriend would. What really mattered was that their relationship was so strong that even though Celia got really mad (and did at one point break up with Mike), when she found out the truth she was understanding of what she had to go through on that horrible night, which she expected to be amazing and magical. What really ended up being magical was Mike and Celia’s strong relationship through the ups and downs.

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