Lost From Soundtrack, But Now FOUND: Music Used In MU

About every review I read about the Monsters University soundtrack gave the soundtrack a good review, but all of them had the same CON. That negative comment was that the music featured in the montage at the end of the film (and in a few of the trailers) was missing from the soundtrack. Well, you can complain no more, because that music has now been found. Derrick from the Pixar Podcast posted on the podcast’s Facebook page earlier today that one of his listeners had found it.

The music is actually from the amazing Portland band called MarchFourth Marching Band! It’s called “Gospel.” A video with the song is embedded below:

Derrick and I share something in common. If you listen to the podcast, you probably know that he loves music, especially the score. I, too, absolutely love scores. I honestly think I’m the only one around who has an iTunes library that is mostly made up of film scores.

If you haven’t made it out to see MU, What are you waiting on? Are you scared (Tell me honestly!)?

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