REVIEW: “Tracy” Soundtrack & ALSO Watch “Tracy”

Late last year, I watched “Tracy”, which is written/directed by Dan Scanlon. Scanlon is also the director of “Monsters University”. After I finished watching the film, I instantly wanted to know who scored the music. I found out that is was Alex Mandel. I contacted Alex, and he told me there were limited copies of the soundtrack made, and that he would send me one. Not only did he sign it, he managed to get Dan to sign it also.


The soundtrack is one that I spent weeks listening to. Not only does the CD contain the score, but it also contains the songs that appear in the film. The quality is amazing, and the packaging is very cool.  You can read more about Alex by clicking here. To learn more about the film, click here. The film is also embedded below if you would like to watch it. If it is easier to watch it in sections, Dan has the film posted in sections here.


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