Steve Jobs: Love him or Hate him

Steven Jobs, whether you love him or hate him, was an impressive figure. How many companies in the world have such a recognizable CEO? I remember sitting in my grandmother’s house when I was around 5 years old and playing on our first Apple computer. Looking back, it couldn’t do much except type and showcase very basic games, but I remember looking at the computer like it was a magic box. Years later, it’s amazing to think that Jobs revolutionized the power in that desktop computer into a phone that can fit in your pocket. They say cell phones today have more technology in them than the original spaceshuttle that went to the moon. I know that Jobs was the visionary behind most of Apple’s advances, and he was a tough cookie to please (which made me even more surprised to find out he was a practicing Buddhist . I’m not sure how Apple will fare without him, without his vision and his leadership, but I think it’s safe to safe it will never be quite the same.

-Melinda McCallin


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