Review: ‘Brave’ Guides Arrow into Target, Roars into Eardrums (Spoiler- Free Version)

I can finally say that I have resisted temptation for about a month. I picked up the novelization of ‘Brave’ and I have not let my eyes touch it since.

While the Disney/Pixar logos began to play on the screen, I began to get the chills. I was so excited for Brave and to see La Luna again. The movie starts off with a very heartfelt scene that can be seen briefly in the Mother’s Day trailer. It escorts into the very emotional argument between Merida and Elinor, where Merida becomes very upset and does something she hopes will change her fate.

The movie switches back and forth between the stories of Fergus and Merida & Elinor. In between the mix, the triplet brothers can be caught doing some sneaky stuff.

There are some dark sides of the movie, in other words scary. The end has this element and also does the middle. The story involved with the “fate-changer” and the Mor’du confused me a little bit. The humor didn’t bother me in the first act, but it was rather annoying throughout the rest of the movie after that. The new animation software made this movie ultimately beautiful, warm, and captivating.

The end made me tear up some, and Brenda Chapman has been mentioning a lot of people have reportedly cried. I rate Brave 9/10 tarts.

Also, THERE IS A POST-CREDITS SCENE!!! MUST-SEE!!!! Also, Be on the lookout for Easter eggs.


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