First Issue of Cars Magazine Arrives

The first issue of the Cars franchise-based magazine, The Fantastic World of Cars finally was delivered to me recently. The magazine includes these sections, in-order, some have to parts (for instance there are two comics in this first issue). In parenthesis are the topics that were in this specific issue:

Close-up – A profile of one of the characters in the World of Cars. (Finn McMissile)
Games – Puzzles and games, etc. (opposite matching, word scrambles, among others)
Comic – Funny, short stories about the World of Cars.
Cars World – Facts about certain aspects in the world of racing. (Pit stops)
Poster – A pull-out poster of a character. Possibly will be the same as the one featured in the Close-up section. (Finn McMissile)
Board Game – The name says it all- a board game with game pieces and die available to be cut out on the last page.
Craft – An art activity. (Make Your Own Badge)
Drawing A section where you can draw a character. (Lightning McQueen)
Answers – The answers to the games, as well as questions sometimes found in comics, etc, seen earlier in the magazine.
Playing Cards – A card game with the playing cards provided to cut-out.

Overall, I think it is a pretty decent magazine relating to the franchise. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to at:


Add some fun!

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