Pixar News Blog Exclusive Look at the real-life Pizza Planet Truck

The creators of the real-life Pizza Planet Truck sent over this exclusive video just for Pixar News Blog readers. One of the members Marco also sent some info about the project:

About a year ago my friends and I started building random pop culture structures, the first was a wooden Totoro (pictures,video) and the second being the Psychiatrist Booth from Peanuts (pictures).  We realized that we should end this trilogy with something epic, so we decided to build the Pizza Planet Truck since it has sentimental value as well as being instantly recognizable.  But building the truck is only the first part of the project, the second phase involves our crew driving up the state of California, interviewing people of all ages about how the Pixar Film canon (mostly the Toy Story Trilogy) has effected them as well as comedic anecdotes and the like.  Beside that we will be chronicling the off the cuff on the road shenanigans that go along with driving the Pizza Planet Truck. For more information check out the production blog (updated almost every Tuesday) as well as the twitter.


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