Enrico Casarosa Interview with Daily Brink!

Recently Enrico Casarosr,director of the upcoming La Luna did an interview with Daily Brink. The interview points out some interesting facts and background of Enrico. The interview mostly is about La Luna.  To some, this excerpt may contain a spoiler. Enrico speaks about how the plot of La Luna was influenced by his own life:

Growing up in a seaside town in Genoa with my grandfather and my father in the house, I had to deal with two men who never quite got along. As a young boy, I was very often stuck in the middle of two personalities that clashed somewhat. With La Luna, I really wanted to try and tell the story of a little kid stuck between two bold individuals, a boy who has to learn to find his own way. Without giving away too many spoilers, the main concept is also very fantastic, as this little boy will be confronted for the first time with the strange family business his dad and grandpa work in. La Luna is about this little boy finding out about this unusual job, and finding himself in the process.

Check out the whole interview with pictures of Enrico!


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