Cars 2 Filled with Humor, Action, and Emotion: Cars 2 Review

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As Cars 2 played on the big screen, I was laughing, nervous (toward the ending), and just plain amazed of the film. With Cars 2 being the first film of mine being seen in Disney Digital 3D, it made the experience even better. The movie was absolutely gorgeous, and the 3D graphics made it feel you were in the movie.

My brother and I have collected the ‘Cars’ diecast ever since ‘Cars’ came out,and to see the world come back alive for the first time in five years on the big screen made me feel that our collection will grow. The environment has changed in Radiator Springs, but the love from the town and residents hasn’t. Most diecast we have collected are ones from Radiator Springs, and the rest from Cars.

Radiator Springs has expanded its roots and has received its fame back. The town has more tourists and more business. The Wheel Well Motel has reopened and serves as a restaurant. The town buildings have changed also. Doc Hudson is gone, but the lessons he taught Lightning are still there.

Secret agents blend in with this scenario at the World Grand Prix where Lightning McQueen races at 3 locations around the world against racers from all over the world. The spy sequences are gorgeous and entertaining. The strategies used by Mater, Finn, Holley, and the rest were just plain amazing. The spy sequences are easily noticed by hearing a distinctive theme from a guitar in the score composed and conducted by Michael Giacchino. The whole score is beautiful in the final film. Michael Giacchino did a wonderful job on the score, and the original songs are a match for the film. I think this film is better than what critics are rating it. I would rate this film ‘infinity and beyond’ (in other words 10/10). I hope all readers and fans of Disney/Pixar will go to see this movie (despite the bad reviews)!

Cars 2 Is Now Playing In Theaters around the US.


One thought on “Cars 2 Filled with Humor, Action, and Emotion: Cars 2 Review

  1. nascarfan160 says:

    I agree! I don’t know how and/or why so many critics rated it bad!
    This is truly yet another masterpiece added to the Pixar collection!
    Out of 10, I give it an 11! ^^

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