UPDATE: Exclusive: Bénabar to sing”My heart makes vroom” in Cars 2

According to DisneyPixar.fr, singer Bénabar was offered a song in Cars 2 . He was invited to Pixar to record “My heart makes vroom”, which is not yet known but little detail  seems to be a cover of the famous title of Charles Trenet, “My heart goes boom”. The song will be used in the Paris sequence of the film.

Update: I found this quote:

“I was contacted by Disney Pixar for about three months. They told me that the director was looking for a new Gainsbourg, and according to Americans is to say someone typically French, but not especially a singer voice, “the artist explained. The creators of Pixar offered him a song called “My coeuur makes vroom,” written by Michael Giacchino, composer of great movies and series like “Lost”, and translated into French by the Disney studios. “The song is integrated into the story when the cars are in Paris, so she will be in all versions of the film worldwide, Bénabar enthuses. It’s very cheerful, it evokes a slightly flirty baltringue. The idea was to sound like the Maurice Chevalier of the moment. I have been directed by John Lasseter himself, in the Skywalker Ranch of George Lucas. He wanted me to re-appropriate the song as if I sang a little coffee. ‘


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