Apple Reveals Exclusive Cars 2 Triptych Poster

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 has exclusively debuted an exclusive Cars 2 Triptych poster. It includes artwork from the four major countries that the characters drive through: Japan, England, France, and Italy. The triptych poster shows many characters that have been revealed over the past few months, but some are seen for the first time.

Here are some technical facts about the triptych poster (from Pixar Technical Director Michael Frederickson):

Technical Facts: Featured Characters
Tokyo: 130 posed characters, 2 simulated crowds
London: 145 posed characters, simulated traffic
Italy: 140 posed characters, simulated crowds
TOTAL: 415 posed characters

Technical Facts: Composition
Total shots: 20 cameras and locations per poster = 60 individual shots
Total staff: 20-25 people: CS TDs, layout artists, master lighters, matte painters, simulation TDs
Total time to complete: 5 months


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