Pixar News Update

Disney/Pixar sent me hi-res images of the Brave stills released earlier this week at CinemaCon (which will be posted tomorrow). The cast list is available on the Brave page of this site. The directors listed for Brave are both Brenda Chapman and Gary Rydstrom. Chapman was rumored last year to be replaced by Gary Rydstrom, who is directing the upcoming Hawaiian Vacation.

Attention to all D23 members! Jeffrey Epstein, The Disney Geek, is giving away his office. The “office” giveaway is part of the Geek Giveaway sweepstakes. One of the giveaways is a Cars 2 poster. All rules and prizes can be found at D23’s site. The contest is only for D23 members.

The last news I want to bring to you tonight is about our site called Pixar Geek. Due to another Pixar blogger already having the setup that the Pixar Geek was suppose to be, I am looking for a new layout for Pixar Geek. More Information will be available later.


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