Pixar Site Archives: Commercials

This is the second & final post of the series Pixar Site Archives, where content from the old Pixar site (courtesy of http://replay.waybackmachine.org and http://web.archive.org) is brought back. All Rights Reserved.(All content is to be used under fair use).

This article features the Pixar commercials. This is only a brief history. For more information about Pixar’s Commercials, visit the Pixar Talk Commerial Page. The first post in this series can be viewed here . I love these commercials.




FCB/Leber Katz Partners Pixar created a high-energy nightclub for GummiSavers, a LifeSavers’ product. This commercial, entitled Conga won a Gold Clio in the category of Animation- Computer.

Listerine contracted Pixar for a series of commercials featuring a computer generated Listerine bottle. One was flying through the trees, another, was shooting arrows, and this one was battling plaque with a sword and shield.


J. Walter for Walter-Lambert For the second year in a row, a commercial by Pixar won a Gold Clio in the category of Animation-Computer. The commercial, entitled Arrows was for Listerine, a Warner-Lambert product.

Pixar has done many commercials for Levis jeans. This commercial advertising their khaki line premiered at SIGGRAPH, but never hit the air. Too bad, it’s a good flick!

There are no more posts for this series. I am looking and thinking for a new series to bring to the blog.


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