New Weekly Guest Blogger

I am proud to announce that I will now be a guest blogger right here on Pixar News Central. I am Alexandra, another Pixar blogger. For those of you that haven’t yet seen my blog, it is called The Dream of Pixar. The Dream of Pixar if centered around my thoughts about past, present, and future Pixar as well as Pixar news. Once a week I will write an article as a guest blogger. I will be writing on Pixar topics exactly as I would on my own blog. I am thrilled with this collaboration and am very thankful to Daniel, the writer of this blog, for asking me to participate in this weekly collaboration. I hope you enjoy my articles that are yet to come, and if you like them there are much more just like them on my own blog which can be viewed here. Topics that are to come in my articles will include special editions of my chain article that features any song from any Pixar score, I will go in depth into the emotions and imagery that are being portrayed through the music, different themes presented in Pixar films as well as shorts that may not be obvious to the average viewer, and different observations of characters, settings, plots, or lessons to be learned in Pixar films and shorts.


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