John Lasseter Honored at 2011 Shorts Awards

Source:Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Reporter has reported that John Lasseter received the lifetime achievement trophy at Shorts International’s first annual Shorts Awards Friday.
Lasseter received the ceremony’s highest honor for his achievements in short filmmaking.

“It feels fantastic because I love short films,” said Lasseter . “I love the art form and what it did for me as a filmmaker. I learned so much from making short films. They’re these little gems, these fantastic little ideas that are not meant to be a feature film. They’re perfect unto themselves. A great short film leaves you smiling and thinking about it.”

He said this about why Toy Story 3 should win Best Picture.

“I do believe we will one day see an animated film win the best picture Oscar, and I hope it’s on Sunday,” Lasseter said. “I think that over time, more and more of Hollywood and the Academy has gotten to know animation. It’s exactly the same as live action filmmaking. We tell great stories. We use great actors. We just use a different camera.”


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