Randy Newman & Darla K. Anderson React to Oscar Nominations

Darla K. Anderson:

“We are ecstatic at the Academy’s generous and humbling recognition of Toy Story 3. For everyone that worked so passionately to bring these beloved toys back to life—from our artists to the actors—it’s incredibly gratifying to be recognized along side these other amazing films today in both the Best Picture and Best Animated Feature categories.”
Randy Newman received a nomination for “We Belong Together”.Variety posted his statement:
“It always is a nice thing to get nominated, since this is my 20th nomination I believe. And it cheers me up especially now, with this cold and a bottle of Nyquil in me … this nomination really does put a smile on my face. Pixar is always supportive; the more they give me, the better and the easier it is for me to write the song, so it’s always pretty easy to jump back into the thick of things.”

Most of this text comes from The Pixar Times post. I forgot to add a citing.


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