Toy Story 3 Oscar Noiminations

Toy Story 3 received 5 Academy Awards nominations by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Toy Story 3 Nominations 

Various reactions: 
“We knew how beloved the first two films were and the last five years of writing and working on this film and just living up to the last two was going to be very difficult but I think these nominations shows how appreciative people were of the film. It’s kind of mind-blowing — someone just told me that we are thefirst sequel to get nominated that didn’t have prior film nominated.”
                                                                      – Michael Arndt, writer 
“When we were making this movie, we didn’t even dare dream of any awards at the end of the road because we just completely figured that no awards are ever given to a movie with a ‘3’ at the end of the title. I think that people … not only were highly entertained by the movie but a lot of people had very deep emotional experiences watching the film. We set out to make one of those rare films that can be entertaining in every possible way but also incredibly meaningful. It was a lofty goal and we didn’t know if we wouldbe able to reach it. I moved out to California from Ohio with dreams of making movies.You dream about something like this happening in your career but you never actually think it can happen to you.”
                                                                    – Lee Unkrich, director
In addition to the four nominations for “Toy Story 3,” the Pixar short that premieredbefore the film, “Day & Night,” also received a nomination, for Best Animated Short. This is director Teddy Newton’s second directing credit. He is best known for his voice acting in Pixar films (he was Chatter Telephone in “Toy Story 3”).

“I thank the Academy for this extraordinary recognition. Creating ‘Day & Night’ with the high-quality team of artists and technicians within Pixar was truly a non-stopsensation of positive energy for me. I was constantly amazed by the crew’sfortitude to push through challenges and inspire each other with theiringenuity.” 
                                                –Teddy Newton, director of Day & Night

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