Pixar Geek Continues Vacation

Even though it was announced earlier in the fall, Pixar Geek won’t be returning. I feel it is time to take a break and invest my interests in a different topic. Pixar hasn’t left my list of interests, but the blog has taken quite of my fun out of Pixar. I will still post reviews in the meantime, but I will guarantee you that I will return to the blogging in the month of January. Please stay tuned for announcements as to when that time will come. I apologize I have left many of my loyal readers on the edge. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and may that fun continue!

‘Pixar Geek’ Taking New Objective

Starting in a few weeks, Pixar Geek will be doing something different.

As my free time is being taken away from me by school and work, I am making adjustments accordingly to still bring you the latest Pixar news. Instead of writing news articles, I will be writing an editorial every week about that week’s Pixar news.

This will not only solve my time limiting time, but also allow me to express my opinion more and also elaborate on some things that I usually don’t have time for. I hope you enjoy it and check back in coming weeks for the first weekly update.

Until we start back up, you can find all the latest Pixar news at Pixar Post.

-The Pixar Geek

Pixar Geek Will Be Covering D23 Expo


I am pleased to announce that we will be bringing you coverage from the D23 Expo. We will have a reporter at the expo, and he will be sending you the latest news.

We will bring you inside the panels, and arenas and bring you any announcements that come out of them.

This story is developing and we will update this as soon as we can!

Steve Jobs, John Goodman & Billy Crystal Among 2013 Disney Legends

Monsters Inc. and Monsters University stars Billy Crystal and John Goodman, technology visionary Steve Jobs and other beloved contributors to the Disney legacy will be named and honored as official Disney Legends during the D23 Expo 2013 at 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 10, in the D23 Expo Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Disney Legends Awards program is a 26-year tradition of The Walt Disney Company. The three-day D23 Expo provides a rare opportunity for the public to be a part of the always touching and memorable presentation, hosted by noted television personality Tom Bergeron (host of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and America’s Funniest Home Videos).

“The Disney Legend Award is our highest and most coveted honor. It’s reserved for the extraordinary visionaries and artists behind the Disney magic, the men and women who push the limits of innovation and creativity to ensure Disney remains truly special. The eight Legends we honor this year helped create some of our most beloved characters along with exciting new worlds and thrilling attractions. They also entertained millions of people and expanded our definition of what’s possible. They are all indelible parts of our legacy, and we are proud to recognize them as true Disney Legends.”
-Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger

Billy Crystal is an acclaimed actor who lends his voice to Mike Wazowski, the frenetic, green cyclopean monster from Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. Best known for his memorable roles in When Harry Met Sally…, The Princess Bride, and City Slickers, Billy, who has won six Emmy Awards® and one Tony Award®, has also been a fixture on ABC television, where he hosted the Academy Awards® broadcast nine times and found his breakthrough role as Jodie Dallas on Soap from 1977-81.

John Goodman is a celebrated actor of stage and screen, and the voice behind James P. Sullivan, better known as “Sully,” from Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. Among John’s notable film appearances are The Big Lebowski, The Flintstones, and most recently Argo and Flight. John’s appearances in Disney-produced films include the Hollywood Pictures films Arachnophobia and Born Yesterday, as well as Touchstone Pictures’ Stella, Coyote Ugly, O Brother, Where Art Thou, and Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Steve Jobs changed the world of consumer electronics as the founder of Apple, and was known throughout the world for his visionary attitude and penchant for innovation. He was an early investor and chief executive of Pixar, and became the Walt Disney Company’s largest shareholder overnight when it acquired Pixar Animation Studios in 2006. That same year, he joined the Disney board of directors, and remained a valuable sounding board and advisor to the company until his passing in 2011.

Review: ‘The Blue Umbrella’ Soundtrack


Yesterday, I went to pre-order the score for The Blue Umbrella, but instead of pre-ordering it, the soundtrack automatically started downloading.

I reported this to Pixar, but got no response in terms if they received my message.

The soundtrack is only $1.99 and contains 2 tracks. The first is the score with vocals from Sarah Jaffe, and the second is the score without the vocals.

The soundtrack is one I’ve listened to non-stop since I purchased it, and even found myself singing along to the vocals. The music is what made me so interested in the short. I hope they release the scores of the past shorts one of these days and the scores of the future shorts as well.

So, What are you waiting on? Go buy the soundtrack!!!